The ABCGA is the only Regional Partner in Canada that has a committee dedicated to developing training standards relating to damage prevention activities.

The Training Committee objectives are:

  • Develop and maintain the Ground Disturbance 101 Standard and Ground Disturbance 201 Standard training programs
  • Assist applicants in their pursuit of endorsement of their training programs
  • Review industry best practices and include in ABCGA training programs
  • Collaborate with Canadian regional partners to establish multi-jurisdictional training standards

Ground Disturbance 201 Standard

This overview of the Ground Disturbance 201 Standard identifies the subject matter required in classroom and online ground disturbance training programs. Sufficient detail is provided to allow a training provider to make an informed decision about developing a program and submitting it to the ABCGA for endorsement. It also provides employers and prospective students the information necessary to appreciate the benefits of a ground disturbance training program that has gone through the ABCGA’s endorsement process.

The Training Standards Committee will accept applications for assessment and endorsement to the Ground Disturbance 201 Standard from those training organizations whose classroom and online programs have been endorsed under the old process and who have stated their intent to apply for endorsement under the Ground Disturbance 201 Standard.

The Importance of Training

Those that disturb the ground need access to consistent, accurate information that will help them minimize the risks of contacting buried facilities associated with ground disturbance activities. Especially given the extent and complexity of the underground infrastructure and the multiplicity of regulations that affect buried facilities.

Employers must ensure that their employees are competent to carry out their required tasks. Since competency involves a combination of qualifications, training and experience, employers have an obligation to provide high quality training.

Training Standards

On the premise that an employer should be able to use his/her training organization of choice and at the same time should be able to rely on that training organization to provide accurate and consistent information, the ABCGA, through its Training Standards Committee, has established the minimum standard content for two levels of ground disturbance training and has put in place a training program assessment process that when successfully completed will lead to the endorsement of ground disturbance training programs by the ABCGA.

Benefits of Endorsed Ground Disturbance Training Programs

Endorsement of ground disturbance training programs by the ABCGA provides employers, purchasers of ground disturbance services and operators of potentially affected buried facilities confidence that those holding certificates from endorsed training organizations have received consistent, accurate information to an industry approved standard.

What's Next?

The ABCGA’s Training Standards Committee has begun development of the Ground Disturbance 101 Standard which will replace ABCGA Standard 101, Ground Disturbance – Hazard Awareness.

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