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ANNOUNCEMENT: AOC Board Positions - Open For Nominations

10 Nov 2020 4:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

To prepare for the unification of services between ABCGA and AOC, the ABCGA is to provide two non-voting members to the AOC Board. Below is the process approved by the ABCGA Board of Directors on October 14, 2020.

There will be one position selected from the current Board of Directors and one position determined by a general membership election process.

a.   Current Board of Directors to select one Board representative.

ABCGA Board to hold nominations in November and vote, if necessary, to select a Board representative.

It is recommended that buried infrastructure owners DO NOT qualify or would disqualify themselves from the nomination process as the AOC Board is comprised exclusively of these stakeholders. However, the Board selected representative could, in fact, originate from any stakeholder group based on an open nomination process conducted at the Board Meeting.

b.   General membership election for all current members to fill one Board representative.

Call for nominations for each stakeholder group that does not represent buried infrastructure owners. Hold an e-ballot vote. Members of individual stakeholder groups will vote via e-ballot within their stakeholder category for their representative. If more than two stakeholder groups submit nominees, all ABCGA members will be entitled to vote for the nominees to select the one representative to present to the AOC Board of Directors.

For example, Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction, Training Organizations and Locators all provide more than one nominee in their stakeholder category. An e-ballot vote will follow for each stakeholder representative. The successful representatives will then proceed to a membership wide e-ballot vote. The representative receiving the most votes will proceed to represent the ABCGA on the AOC board.

Nominations are now open for the general membership board representative. If you are interested in participating as an AOC non-voting board member, please respond to this notice by emailing executivedirector@albertacga.ca by 4:30 p.m., Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

Stakeholder groups eligible for this board position are:

  • Damage Prevention Organization
  • Engineering/Land Surveying
  • Equipment Materials/Service Supply
  • Locators
  • Public Works/Municipal
  • Regulators
  • Road Builders/Heavy Construction
  • Training Organizations

An all membership e-ballot will be sent once all nominations have been received to allow the membership to vote on the general membership board position. On November 18, 2020, the ABCGA Board of Directors will be voting for the second non-voting board position, amongst current board members.

ABCGA stakeholder representation is key to the successful unification with AOC. We encourage you to consider seeking this position.

Below is a description of the time commitment to serve on the AOC Board.

Board meetings

The AOC Board of Directors is responsible for Corporate governance and the President is accountable and responsible for AOC operations. The Board holds 4 meetings annually – one each quarter – and an Annual General Meeting (AGM is held immediately in advance of the Q1 Board meeting). These days, all meetings are online; however, once the pandemic is in the past, meetings will be offered in-person at AOC’s Calgary office and online (Teams). The Q3 Board meeting is held in Red Deer, AB.

Reading materials, agenda and related attachments are circulated one week in advance of Board meetings and members are expected to be prepared for the meeting. At these meetings, the Board is presented with a quarterly performance table relative to objectives within the annual business plan.

Board Items

From time to time, the AOC Executive Committee and Board of Directors will be tasked with a recommendation and decision from the AOC President on a topic or matter that is either outside of his authority or shifts the direction of the Corporation. Unless the Item can be addressed during a scheduled Board meeting, these Items will require a special Board meeting.

From time to time, the President may seek Board counsel on operational matters.

Monthly Reporting

The President circulates a monthly report (usually 30 pages with attachments) to the Board outlining AOC Contact Centre metrics from the previous month, financials; i.e: cash on hand, variance report and analysis, revenue & expenses, payroll, etc., and other key points of interest and updates. Board members are encouraged to review the report.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Michelle Tetreault at executivedirector@albertacga.ca.

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