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UPDATE on the Unification with Alberta One-Call (AOC) & the 2021 Membership Fee Structure

30 Oct 2020 4:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Earlier this month the ABCGA Board of Directors held their Q3 meeting and the main topic of discussion was the upcoming unification with Alberta One-Call (AOC). Mike Sullivan, President and Jeff Mulligan ABCGA’s transition representative provided the board with the following update.

When is the Unification Date?

The date for unification will occur on January 1st, 2021

Will the ABCGA still exist?

Yes, just in a different form. ABCGA as a legal entity and governance structure will cease to exist. The function, authorities, membership and mandate will all remain and will be implemented by AOC.  AOC is going through a rebranding exercise and their profile and brand will be refreshed in early 2021. Until the rebranding process is completed and new organization unveiled, AOC and the ABCGA will continue to operate under their existing brands.

Is my membership still valid?

Yes. If you have purchased an ABCGA membership, it will be valid until your renewal date. Membership fees have changed. Unifying services with AOC, and allocation of AOC revenues toward traditional ABCGA operations, have enabled member fees to reduce. Fees within a stakeholder category may differ as they are influenced by the number of employees employed by a member. This fee structure is more consistent with other Regional Partners of the Common Ground Alliance in Canada and encouraged to attract additional members.

Below is a revised membership fee structure for 2021.

Number Employees

2021 Member Fee















Government Provincial


Government Federal


Will the ABCGA Committees still exist?

ABCGA committees will continue to exist. One of the benefits of the unification is resource allocation. Committees will now have dedicated employees developing workplans and working with the volunteer committees to ensure priorities and objectives are implemented. Volunteer committee chairpersons will still exist.

What will happen with our pursuit of damage prevention legislation?

AOC is committed to the pursuit of damage prevention legislation. A Government Relations position has been posted.

How does unification impact the Training Standard Committee (TSC)?

The TSC will continue to operate.  This committee continues to be busy throughout COVID-19. In order to meet the workplan deadlines, transition of operations to AOC will commence in November instead of January. Twila Reberger (ABCGA Auditor) has agreed to train new auditors to assist in the transition of operations. Michelle Finnigan will remain the TSC Administrator for the short term until AOC can fully understand the roles and responsibilities of this position.

ABCGA certification will still exist but will be managed under AOC.  Future certification will still be represented by ABCGA.

Will ABCGA contract positions transition to AOC?

No. The role of Executive Director is no longer required and this position will cease to exist as of November 30, 2020. The communications advisor role will transition to current AOC staff. The administration and finance function will remain until December 31, 2020. As mentioned above, the TSC functions will remain. Michelle Finnigan will remain in the position until AOC can fully understand the role and responsibilities. New TSC auditors will be hired.

Will ABCGA stakeholders have representation at the AOC Board?

Yes. The AOC Board will consist of 2 non-voting ABCGA stakeholder members. These two members will participate in all Board functions, but they will not have voting powers. The election of these two Board members will occur as follows:

One member will be elected by the current ABCGA Board of Directors.

One member will be elected through a general membership voting process.

How do I submit my name for the AOC Board?

In early November, ABCGA will be sending an email to all members, accepting nominations for one of the 2 non-voting board positions. Any member in good standing is eligible to put their name forward. An e-ballot will be sent to all members for voting.

What is the time commitment to serve on the AOC Board?

Board meetings:

The AOC Board of Directors is responsible for Corporate governance and the President is accountable and responsible for AOC operations. The Board holds 4 meetings annually – one each quarter – and an Annual General Meeting (AGM is held immediately in advance of the Q1 Board meeting). These days, all meetings are online; however, once the pandemic is in the past, meetings will be offered in-person at AOC’s Calgary office and online (Teams). The Q3 Board meeting is held in Red Deer.

Reading materials, agenda and related attachments are circulated one week in advance of Board meetings and members are expected to be prepared for the meeting. At these meetings, the Board is presented with a quarterly performance table relative to objectives within the annual business plan.

Board Items

From time to time, the AOC Executive Committee and Board of Directors will be tasked with a recommendation and decision from the AOC President on a topic or matter that is either outside of his authority or shifts the direction of the Corporation. Unless the Item can be addressed during a scheduled Board meeting, these Items will require a special Board meeting.

From time to time, the President may seek Board counsel on operational matters.

Monthly Reporting

The President circulates a monthly report (usually 30 pages with attachments) to the Board outlining AOC Contact Centre metrics from the previous month, financials; ie: cash on hand, variance report and analysis, revenue & expenses, payroll, etc., and other key points of interest and updates. Board members are encouraged to review the report.

Funding / Revenue Structure

With regard to funding, the AOC Board of Directors is responsible for AOC’s revenue structure and setting notification fees. Data provided in monthly reporting, including financial tracking and Contact Centre metrics (example: notification / locate request ratio), is critical in determining whether or not AOC will meet revenue projections.

As a thank-you to Board members, AOC holds an annual golf tournament in Red Deer following the September Q3 Board meeting.

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