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Job Posting: Training Standards Committee Administrator

08 Jan 2020 8:05 AM | Deleted user

The Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) is seeking to hire a Contract Administrator for the Training Standards Committee.

Interested qualified applicants are invited to submit their resume and cover letter by Friday January 31,  2020  4:00 PM MST  to executivedirector@albertacga.ca.

Alberta Common Ground Alliance

The Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) is the voice of buried facility damage prevention in Alberta.  Its members, representing the majority of the province's damage prevention stakeholder groups, work to reduce damages to buried facilities through the consensus identification, verification and promotion of damage prevention best practices and proper ground disturbance procedures.

The ABCGA is an open membership non-profit Alberta society that provides the forum where stakeholders can share information and perspectives and work together on all aspects of damage prevention to produce stronger, more effective results through cooperation, collaboration and the pursuit of common goals.  We actively seek opportunities to participate in the development and revision of regulations, practices and guidelines to ensure they are fair, reasonable, based on current best practices and reflect stakeholder consensus.

Training Standard Committee (TSC) Administrator

Reporting to the Executive Director the TSC Administrator will be responsible to:

  • Develop and maintain a central repository of records for the Training Standard Committee (TSC)
  • Communicate with the TSC Chair on committee initiatives and priorities.
  • Work with the Training Standards Committee (TSC) and subcommittees to develop new relevant documentation when required, including such things as; standard documents, forms, etc. This will be completed both in person and remotely by way of a virtual office environment.
  • Support TSC Policy development activities and processes.
  • Work collaboratively with regional partners to adapt the ABCGA Standards to their jurisdictions, as requested.
  • Develop, circulate and track all eballot (electronic committee voting) communications amongst committee members.
  • Maintain TSC Membership Roster.
  • Represent ABCGA and the TSC as main point of contact for training organizations.
  • Prepare correspondence on behalf of the Training Standards Committee (TSC).
  • Manage and facilitate the Standard Application and Endorsement processes
  • Set up, create agenda and take minutes for TSC meetings; updating Action Lists and Status Reporting, based on meeting proceedings.
  • Disseminate information and documentation as required through the TSC.
  • Preparation and delivery of activity updates, correspondence and reports at committee meetings.
  • Create milestones and accountabilities for the TSC and subcommittees, track progress and follow through to completion.
  • Execute the Document Management process according to governance protocols developed for the TSC.
  • Participate in teleconference meetings with TSC Administration team as required.

Required Skills

The TSC Administrator must have:

  • Excellent comprehension and writing skills, ability to develop technical documents from information compiled during committee activity.
  • Document management skills.
  • Familiarity with interpreting related legislation and best practices.
  • Experience in writing industry standard documents.
  • Awareness of classroom and on-line training environments.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal direction or oversight.
  • Be familiar with and able to run virtual meetings through platforms such as GoToMeeting.
  • Organize and coordinate workload to meet time deadlines.
  • Effective facilitation and communication skills, with a proven ability to effectively consider the views of others.
  • Read and comprehend acts, regulations, rules, codes and guidelines.
  • Ability to extract and process regulatory and compliance information
  • Recognize limits of knowledge and experience, readily seeking assistance as necessary.
  • Successful engagement with volunteers and part time contractors.
  • Ability to engage with industry training providers on important matters.
  • Excellent proficiency with the use of MS Office Suite of programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and media presentation tools.


  • Comprehensive knowledge of and experience in the ground disturbance industry and the buried facility damage prevention process is preferred.
  • Knowledge of the training industry/program development process.
  • Demonstrated experience and comfort in working with diverse stakeholders in a committee environment.
  • Relevant post-secondary education would be an asset.

Conditions of Work

The incumbent will be expected to work independently on deadline specific tasks. Time requirements will depend on project requirements. Schedule flexibility is a requirement.

The incumbent will maintain an office that has suitable functionality to meet administration requirements.


The incumbent is an independent contractor and shall not be considered an employee of the ABCGA or entitled to any benefits that the ABCGA may provide to its employees.

The incumbent shall not be currently employed with a ground disturbance training provider during the term of their contract employment with the ABCGA.

Ownership of Materials

Final versions of all written documents produced by the administrator for the ABCGAs use shall belong to the ABCGA.


The incumbent shall not disclose to any other person or party, other than the ABCGA any confidential or proprietary information contained in any training program applications for endorsement, restricted access documentation and/or any confidential business operations relevant to the ABCGA and TSC.


Compensation shall be at an agreed upon rate per hour, both exclusive of GST.

The incumbent shall be reimbursed for travel and sustenance expenses related to the conducting of business on behalf of ABCGA at actual cost subject to the submission and approval of an itemized statement of expenses with receipts. 

Use of the incumbent’s personal vehicle related to the conducting of business or attending meetings shall be reimbursed at the CRA’s current “reasonable per kilometre allowance” subject to the submission and approval of a vehicle log. GST shall not be added to this allowance.

Submit an Application:

Interested qualified applicants are invited to submit their resume and cover letter by Friday January 31,  2020  4:00 PM MST  to executivedirector@albertacga.ca.

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