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New Issue of the Damage Prevention Process in Alberta released!

01 May 2018 7:42 AM | Sean Sullivan (Administrator)

The latest issue of the Damage Prevention Process in Alberta is here and it has a brand-new look! Download it here.

This issue introduces two important changes to the Damage Prevention Process in Alberta: the lifespan of locates has been updated and so has the acceptable formats for locate documentation.

Starting May 1, 2018, the lifespan of a locate ticket is extended to 30 days for most buried utilities in Alberta.

Previously, locate tickets were only valid for 14 days, but could be extended to 30 days as long as certain conditions were met. Now locate tickets are valid for the full 30 days from the date they are issued (unless otherwise stated on the locate ticket).

Some utilities, including pipelines and other high-pressure lines, will continue to have 14-day locates, after which time the locates must be refreshed before work can continue.

It is the responsibility of the excavator to read and understand the ticket information for each utility.

The section on locate documentation has also been updated to state that both electronic locates and paper reports are acceptable formats. The screen size for electronic reports must meet an industry accepted standard.

We’d like to thank the members of our Best Practices Committee for their work updating the Damage Prevention Process in Alberta document. The committee regularly updates our process document to reflect the latest best practices and industry processes in Alberta.

If you would like to submit a suggestion or propose a change for consideration in the next issue of the Damage Prevention Process, you can download one of our forms on the Best Practices page and submit it to admin@digsafeab.ca.

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