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Support Damage Prevention Legislation

Hundreds of thousands of kilometres of pipes and cables are buried across Alberta. This infrastructure provides the essential services that are the lifeblood for our communities and of our way of life, including clean water, heat, power, cell service and internet.

Damaging a buried utility is dangerous for the workers involved and can deprive homes and businesses of essential services. Each year, damage to underground infrastructure costs Albertans more than $350 million. To ensure the safety of our workers, to help protect the integrity of our buried utility network and to preserve our essential services, Alberta needs damage prevention legislation.

Provincial damage prevention legislation was tabled in the Alberta Legislature in 2019 but did not pass third reading due to the Provincial Election. We are working with the new government to re-table legislation.

We Need Your Help

We are working with the current government to re-table damage prevention legislation. We encourage all stakeholders to write a letter to Minister Madu, supporting our efforts. Click here LETTER OF SUPPORT to view a template that can be used.  If you have further questions, please contact Mike Sullivan by email at MSullivan@AlbertaOneCall.com or by phone at 403-531-3712.

It is now more important than ever to demonstrate the dedication and support of Alberta's damage prevention and ground disturbance community.

Your voice matters. Your support will move damage prevention legislation Bill 211 forward.

Show your support online by following @AB_CGA on Twitter and posting with the hashtag #DigSafe.

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