Legislation: Bill S229

We are looking for your help in supporting Bill S-229, An Act respecting underground infrastructure safety, introduced by Senator Grant Mitchell. The bill will:

  • Require operators of underground infrastructure that is federally regulated or on federal land to register that infrastructure with a notification centre,
  • Require people who are planning to dig to first make a locate request with the relevant notification centre, and
  • Require operators of underground infrastructure to respond to locate requests by either locating or marking the ground, or providing a clear description of the location of the underground infrastructure in the vicinity of the proposed excavation, or providing an all clear to proceed with excavation.

Providing your support is easy to do! You can help by locating the appropriate letter for you (below); editing it where needed to make it relevant and sending it to your local Members of Parliament, Senators, and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. We have also included sample emails on the documents page. You can find the names and email addresses for your representatives in the lists provided.

Here is a step-by-step process to help guide the letter campaign:

  1. Follow the link on item number 2 above to find the letter to the Elected Officials and Senators.
  2. Copy the text of the letter into the body of an email.
  3. Write the subject line “Federal Legislation Bill S-229”
  4. Follow this link to find the email addresses of the elected officials:
  5. Copy and paste all email addresses for Senators and MPs as recipients of the email.
  6. BCC admin@albertacga.ca on your email.
  7. Follow the same steps for the letter number 3 and the distribution list for the Alberta MLAs.

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